Billy Wolf, Camper Collection Bandana Set



Product Description

THE ORIGINAL BILLY WOLF BANDANA IS A TRADITIONAL SQUARE BANDANA CREATED TO FIT ALL BREEDS. EXTRA SMALL IS IDEAL FOR PUPPIES OR DOGS UNDER 10 POUNDS, SMALL / MEDIUM WILL FIT A WIDE RANGE OF BREEDS, AND CLASSIC IS OUR LARGEST SIZE AND BEST FOR THE BIG DOGS. LADIES, THE CLASSIC IS PERFECT TO WEAR IT AS A KERCHIEF OR TO TIE ONTO YOUR TOTE. GENTLEMEN, THE SMALL / MEDIUM WILL FOLD PERFECTLY INTO A POCKET SQUARE AND WILL MAKE YOU LOOK SIMPLY FETCHING! A traditional square bandana to fit huskier breeds, the S/M will still accommodate the runt of the litter. We won’t tell if you decide to wear one, too! (You’ll need to order a classic.) S/M measures up to 17”, Classic measures up to 25”. Place a wet kerchief in the freezer before wear to keep dog cool in the summer. Machine washable in cold water. Lay flat to dry. Handcrafted in the USA.

Flat Rate Shipping Cost Per Item - $3.00