American Dog, Arty & Anna Arctic Toys

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Product Description

The penguin is the most popular species of bird on earth; and dogs are SO popular that 1 in every 3 U.S. families own one. Here is ‘Arty or Anna Artic,’ a penguin fresh out from the cold, the toy for dogs who love to fetch, play with, or just hold! Made from 1000D Cordura and Berber fleece – part of our hybrid line. Arty and Anna are squeaker free but they do crinkle! Dimensions: Arty (Large): 10 1/2” Head to Toe (91/4” actual body) 3/8” thick, 10” wide arm span (6” actual body) 3/8” thick; Anna (Small): 8” tall Head to Toe (6 1/2” actual body) 3/8” thick, 8” wide arm span (5” actual body) 3/8” thick.

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