Enrych, Separation Anxiety Relief Dog Bed



Product Description

A unique patented pet bed that uses your pillow to create a comfy pet bed that has your scent. Your pet will feel that you are there with him/her as they sleep. Machine washable and dryer friendly so if your pet has an accident you simply throw away the insides and replace with anther pillow, wash the cover and you are ready to go. No more throwing away the bed and buying a new one. Opens to a 26" x 26" bed. Half of the bed has a your pillow in it and the other half is a blanket. The idea is the dog will put his head on the pillow section which has your smell. The other half of the bed is a blanket. Will fit a medium size dog, up to about 90 lbs but each dog is different as only half the bed is cushioned.

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